Vehicle in Paint I Function of Linseed Oil I Boiled Linseed Oil I Poppy Oil

Vehicle in Paint: The vehicle is an oily substance that is used to hold the paint together and binds it with the surface. It is also known as Binders or Carrier of Paint or Drying Oil. It is only liquid in which base and pigment are dissolved to form a paint. There are different materials used as Vehicle of Paint.

Linseed Oil

Linseed Oil is obtained from flax seed. It is a seeds of flax plant and also  used to make rope, linen and wood work.

Various Grades of Linseed Oil

Raw Linseed Oil

  • It is used for Interior Work.
  • Thin and Pale.
  • It needs more time for drying.

Boiled Linseed Oil

  • A small amount of Litharage or Red lead is added for drying.
  • It is used for Exterior work and restricts to use in Interior work.
  • Boiled Linseed oil is thick and dark-colored.
  • It needs less time for drying.

Double Boiled Linseed Oil

  • Double Boiled Linseed Oil dries rapidly and used for exterior work.
  • It required a thinning agent Like Turpentine or naptha.

Pale Boiled Linseed Oil

  • It is similar to Boiled Linseed Oil and does not possess any dark color.
  • It is mostly used for painting plastered surfaces.

Vehicle in Paint: Stand Oil

  • Stand Oil is prepared by exposing raw linseed oil to the sun till it thickened like honey.
  • It takes more time for drying.
  • Stand Oil imparts a durable, shining, and clear finish.

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Vehicle in Paint: Poppy Oil

  • Poppy Oil is extracted from poppy seeds.
  • It needs more time for drying.
  • Its Color survives for a long period of time.
  • Poppy Oil is used for manufacturing paints of delicate colors.

Vehicle in Paint: Nut Oil

  • It is extracted from wall nuts.
  • Nut oil does not give a durable finish.
  • Its Color is colorless.
  • Nut Oil needs less time for drying.
  • It is Used in Ordinary Work.

Tung Oil

  • Tung Oil is far better than linseed oil and used for making superior quality of paints.

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