Types of Paint and Its Applications I CelluloseIAsbestos I Bronze I Stucco

Types of Paint: In this article, you will learn different types of Paint that used in the Construction Industry. According to its function, Paints such as Bitumen Paint, Cellulose Paint, Aluminum Paint, Asbestos, Bronze, etc.

Different Types of Paints used in House Painting

Bitumen Paint

  • Bitumen Paint is obtained by mixing Natural Asphalt or Bitumen and Naptha or spirit.
  • It imparts the most protective surface.
  • Bitumen Paint is used in Concrete surfaces, Plastered surfaces, Brick Masonry surfaces, Underground pipes, Wooden, Steel surfaces, etc. Usually done on rainwater Pipes
  • It reduces the permeability of moistures.

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Cellulose Paint

  • Cellulose Paint is obtained by mixing of Celluloid sheet, amyl acetate, and thinner ( ethyl acetate).
  • It is used in Aircraft, Automobiles, etc., or Mostly used on Expensive objects.
  • It is also called “Duco” Paint.

Aluminum Paint

  • Aluminum Paint is obtained by mixing Aluminum Powder and thinner (Sprit varnish).
  • It has high heat reflecting Properties.
  • Aluminum Paint is used in Hot water Pipes, radiators, electric poles, Tower, Rolling Shutter, Rain Water Pipes, silos, oil storage tanks, etc.
  • It is one of the most shining paint during nighttime.
  • Most resistive against acid fumes.

Asbestos Paint

  • Asbestos Paint is obtained from the Asbestos fiber.
  • It is fireproof Paint.
  • Asbestos Paint is used in the metal roof; gutter etc In order to stop the leakage.

Bronze Paint

  • It has High reflecting Property.
  • Bronze Paint is used in Radiator.

Emulsion Paint

  • Emulsion Paint is obtained by mixing Poly Vinyl acetate (Rubber) + Water (Thinner).
  • It is used where moisture and humidity are observed so commonly used in wooden surfaces which are exposed to the atmosphere.

Oil Paint

  • Thinner used in Oil Paints is TUrpentine or naptha.
  • Linseed Oil and Acetate of Lead is used as Vehicle.
  • Cheap, Ordinary, and not difficult to apply.

Types of Paint: Stucco Paint

  • It is used in Stonemasonry and Brick masonry.

Enamel Paint

  • It is used on the external faces of wooden doors and windows.
  • Varnish is used as a vehicle and White Lead and Zinc White, white lead is used as Base of Enamel Paint.

Cement Paint

  • It is also known as snow cam.
  • Cement Paint is used on an external wall that is exposed to the sun and weathering of Concrete faces.
  • Water is used as a solvent for Cement Paint.

Casein Paint

  • It is used in Plastered surfaces, ceilings, and walls, etc.

Fluorescent Paint

  • It gives illumination during night.

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