Semi Pedestal Basin-All You Need To Know

What is Semi Pedestal Basin?

A half-pedestal basin is a type of bathroom sink with a half-height pedestal that supports the basin. The pedestal is typically attached to the wall, while the basin is mounted on the pedestal and exposed on the bottom half.

This design provides a balance between the traditional pedestal basin and a wall-mounted basin, offering both support and a modern look. It keeps the floor surface neat and clean and increases the space in the bathroom. This type of basin comes in rectangular, semi-circular, square, and oval shapes.

Advantages of Semi Pedestal Basin


Semi-pedestal basins take up less floor space than traditional pedestal basins, making them a great option for small bathrooms and appear in much larger floor areas.

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Sleek design:

The half-height pedestal provides support for the basin while leaving the bottom half exposed, giving the basin a sleek and modern look.


These basins can be mounted at any height, making them suitable for both adults and children.

Easy to clean:

This type of basin makes it much easier to clean the entire exposed floor surface, keeping the bathroom clean and hygienic.


Half Pedestal Basins are a reasonably priced option that provides you the chance to create a grand and audacious statement in a sometimes overlooked room. It is more cost-effective than a full pedestal basin

Invisible Plumbing lines:

All the Supply and drainage line is concealed within the pedestal.

Installation :

Half pedestal basin installations can be more difficult than with other types of basins. For proper installation, the basin must be fixed to the wall and supported by a smaller pedestal, which can be challenging for inexperienced installers.

Disadvantages of Semi Pedestal Basin

Limited storage space:

Half-pedestal basins don’t have any storage choices because they are made to save space. For those who require additional storage for their toiletries or other bathroom necessities, this may be a drawback.

Wall mounting

Wall-mounted basins require a solid wall to support them, which may not be possible in some older homes.

Water splashing:

Without a pedestal to contain water, these basins are more prone to water splashing and can make the floor slippery.

Different Styles of Half Pedestal Basin

Modern or contemporary: Leading brands have produced elegant, cutting-edge designs that maximize functionality and conserve space.

Traditional: A conventional semi-pedestal basin has a lovely, timeless appearance. You can rely on this gorgeous bathroom item to exude a classic appeal.

Applications of semi pedestal basin

Residential bathrooms:

Half pedestal basins are suitable for a wide range of bathroom sizes and styles, from small powder rooms to large master bathrooms. They are a popular choice for modern and contemporary bathrooms, but they can also complement traditional bathroom decor, especially if you choose a basin with a classic shape.


Half pedestal sinks are frequently used in hotel bathrooms because they provide the space, a sleek, contemporary appearance that appeals to visitors. Also, they save space, which is crucial in hotel bathrooms

Restaurants, Hotels, and Cafes:

It is s a good option for restrooms in restaurants and cafes. It is simple to maintain, which is crucial for upholding hygienic standards, and its contemporary design can improve the establishment’s overall look.

Why People should choose half pedestal Basin?

  • Space-saving design: Half pedestal basins are ideal for small bathrooms, helping to create a sense of spaciousness.
  • Sleek and modern look: The half-height pedestal provides support for the basin while leaving the bottom half exposed, giving the basin a sleek and modern look.
  • Accessibility: The exposed bottom half of the basin makes it easier to clean and maintain than traditional pedestal basins.

Installation tips for Semi Pedestal basin

Check the thickness of the wall:

Make sure the wall can handle the weight of the basin before installation. Before the basin can be built, the wall may need to be strengthened if it is weak.

Choose the appropriate height:

To guarantee that a semi-pedestal basin is at a comfortable height for the user, take into account both the height of the pedestal and the basin when making your selection. The user should be able to readily reach the faucet and the basin without having to stoop over.

Mark the location:

Mark the wall’s mounting holes and the location of the basin with a pencil. Verify the measurements a second time to make sure the basin is centered and level.

Fixing of bracket:

Using mounting holes, install the bracket on the wall that you marked earlier. Screws are used for fixing the bracket.

Attach the basin on the wall:

Make sure the basin is level and centered as you place it at the top of the bracket. Basin is fixed to the bracket using screws.

Fixing of the pedestal:

Make sure the pedestal is stable and level before carefully fastening it to the basin’s bottom.

Installation of the plumbing items

Install the basin’s faucet and piping in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Before utilizing the basin, be sure to utilize the proper fittings and check for leaks.

Note: It’s crucial to keep in mind that semi-pedestal basins must be installed correctly. It is advised to contact a qualified plumber to complete the installation if you are unsure of the procedure.

What is the difference between a semi-pedestal and a full pedestal basin?

FeatureSemi Pedestal BasinFull Pedestal basin
SpaceIt increases the floor space as compared to a full pedestal basin because its pedestal does not touch the ground.Basin and Pedestal are both supported on the wall.
InstallationInstallation is simpler because the piping is hidden under a semi-pedestal.Installation is more difficult since the piping must line up with the pedestal.
AppearanceIn general, Full pedestal basins are more expensive than semi-pedestal basins.basin supported on the wall and pedestal but the pedestal is fixed on the floor surface.
Cost In general, semi-pedestal basins are less expensive.It is less stable than a full pedestal because the pedestal is hanging and supported on the wall.
StabilityIt is less stable than a full pedestal because the pedestal is hanging and supported on wall.More stable than semi pedestal basin.

Ultimately, the decision between a semi-pedestal basin and a full pedestal basin depends on the individual’s particular needs and style choices, as well as the bathroom’s size and design.

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What size of space Is Required for a semi Pedestal basin?

Half pedestal basins are available in a range of sizes, from small basins to large double basins. Make a note of the width of the widest part of the semi-pedestal basin you are considering before committing to the purchase.

To give you a general idea, a typical semi-pedestal basin needs a minimum depth of 350 mm and a minimum width of 550 mm. The range of width is from 400 mm to 700 mm.

Is Your Bathroom the Perfect Place for a Semi-Pedestal Basin?

A half-pedestal basin is ideal for your bathroom if space is limited. A vanity unit with a basin, however, is a great investment if space is not an issue because it comes with storage space.

In conclusion, half pedestal basins are a great option for any bathroom, offering a sleek and modern design, accessibility, and space-saving benefits. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, you’re sure to find a half-pedestal basin that is perfect for your space.

The installation height of half pedestal wash basinĀ  is 800 mm from the floor level.

For the Installation process, Read the above paragraph of this arcticle.

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