Objective Questions And Answers of RCC Structure (SET-2)

Objective Questions And Answers for All Competitive Exams (Loksewa Sub Engineer, Overseer, Sub Overseer, Central level and Pardesh Level/Province Level)

  1. For Continuous Slab supporting on beam, the Ratio of end span length to Continuous span length is

a. 0.5

b. 0.8

c. 0.7

d. 0.9

2. Limiting value of Neutral axis (Xulim) depends upon

a. Grade of Steel.

b. Type of steel.

c. effective depth of beam

d. All of these.

3. The value of Creep  coefficient of Concrete increases with

a. remains same with age

b. Decrease in Age.

c. Increase in Age.

d. none of these.

4. The maximum amount of chloride content  should be available in water for reinforced cement concrete work is

a. 2000 mg/l

b. 200 mg/l

c. 500 mg/l

d. 5000 mg/l


5. For any RCC work, concrete member is subjected in tidal zone, additional cover thickness recommended by IS 456:2000 is?

a. 40 mm.

b. 75 mm.

c. 55 mm.

d. 20 mm.

6. Long term deflection of RCC members occurs due

a. Shrinkage

b. creep

c. Both (a) and (b)

d. None of these.

7. The design strength of Fe 500 grade of steel is

a. 400 N/mm2

b. 500 N/mm2

c. 435 N/mm2

d. 275 N/mm2

8. The Direct Tensile Strength of M 25 Grade of Concrete is

a. 1.8

b. 3.5

c. 2

d. None of these.

9. The Working Stress of Fe 500 grade of Steel is

a. 275 N/mm2.

b. 300 N/mm2.

c. 140 N/mm2.

d. 250 N/mm2.

10. In limit state method, the Maximum compressive strain at direct compression is

a. 0.0035

b. 0.002

c. 0.003

d. None of these.

Objective Questions And Answers for All Competitive Exams


 1 Ans  d)

 2 Ans  d)


  • Limiting value of Neutral axis (Xulimit) =0.53d ( for Fe 250).
  • Limiting value of Neutral axis (Xulimit) =0.48d ( for Fe 415).
  • (Xulimit) =0.46d ( for Fe500).
  • Limiting value of Neutral axis (Xulimit) =0.44d ( for Fe 550).
  • Here, the Limiting value of N.A. depends upon the grade of steel or type of steel and effective depth of steel.

3 Ans  b)


  • Creep Coefficient (Ө) =2.2 for 7 days.
  • for 28 days, Creep Coefficient (Ө) =1.6 for 28 days.
  • Creep Coefficient (Ө) =1.1 for 2 years.

4 Ans  c)


  • Maximum limit of chloride content in water = 2000 mg/l (for PCC Work).
  • Maximum limit of chloride content in water = 500 mg/l  (for RCC Work).

 5 Ans  c)


  • As concrete Member is subjected in Tidal zone, so exposure condition = Extreme condition.
  • For extreme Nominal cover = 75 mm, for mild, Nominal cover =20 mm, additional cover thickness = 75 -20 = 55 mm.

As per IS 456-2000;

S. NoExposure ConditionNominal cover (mm)
4Very Severe50

 6  Ans  d)


  • Creep means at constant stress, continuously increase in strain is called creep.
  • It is Time dependent phenomenon.
  • Short Term deflection occurs due to dead load, Live load and permanent attached load.
  • Long term deflection occurs due to creep and shrinkage.

7 Ans  c)


  • In case of Limit state Method; Design strength of steel = 0.87 fy
  • for Fe 500, fy =500 N/mm2, Design strength of steel = 0.87*500 = 435 N/mm2

8 Ans  d)


  • The Direct tensile strength of Concrete = 0.35 Ѵfck. For M25, Direct Tensile Strength = 0.35 * Ѵ25 = 1.75.
  • The flexural tensile strength of concrete (fcr) = 0.7Ѵfck
  • The Split tensile strength of Concrete = 0.462 Ѵfck.

  9 Ans  a)


  • Working Stress of any grade of Steel = fy/1.8. Where 1.8 is the Factor of safety of steel in case of working stress method.
  • For Fe 500, Working stress = 500/1.8 =275 N/mm2.

   10 Ans  b)


  • Maximum compressive strain in Bending Compression = 0.0035.
  • Maximum compressive strain at direct Compression = 0.002.

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