Drawing Sheet And Drawing Board

In this article, I am going to explain about Drawing Sheet and Drawing Board. The drawing sheet is the medium on which Plan, Elevation, section, etc Drawings are prepared by means of pencils, etc. Let’s talk more about the Drawing sheet.

Drawing Sheet

  • Drawing Sheets are sheets of paper that are used for making drawings by means of pencils.
  • It is available in many varieties. It should be tough, strong, and uniform in thickness, and as white as possible. Its fibers should not disintegrate when an eraser is used on it.
  • There are two types of drawing sheets i.e. Hand Made and Mill Made.
  • Hand Made Drawing Sheet is used for Rough Work and Mill Made Drawing Sheet is used for Drawing.
  •  It is in the form of Y-Type (Portrait) and X- Type (Landscape). In X- Type Drawing Sheet, Longer side is Width, Shorter Side is Length and in Y-Type Drawing sheet, the longer side is Width, the Shorter side is Length.
  • The ratio of length & width of the Drawing Sheet is x:y=1:√2.
  • According to BIS-Sp 46-2003, The Biggest size of the Drawing sheet is A0 and having a Dimension of 841 mm x 1189 mm. Drawing Sheets are available in standard size are shown in Table 1.
  • The Code used for Engineering Drawing is BIS- SP46-2003

Table:1. Standard Size of Drawing Sheets as per BIS

S. No.DesignationTrimmed Size (mm) (L XB)
1A0841 x 1189
2.A1594 x 841
3.A2420 x 594
4.A3297 x 420
5.A4210 x 297
6.A5148 x 210
7.A6105 x 148
8.A774 x 105
9.A852 x 74
10A937 x 52
11A1026 x 37

Two successive size of the series are obtained by halfing or double i.e. consequently the surface are of the two successive sizes are in the ratio of 1:2..

Tricks to Learn the Size of Drawing Sheet.

First I would like to recommend you to remember the Size of the A0 drawing sheet i.e. 841 mm (L)  x 1189 mm (B).so here the tricks go. First I am going to show you the tricks to remember of A1 and so on…

A0 = 841 mm x 1189 mm; L = 841 mm , B = 1189 mm.

A1:  L1 = B/2, B1 =L, so A1 = 594 mm x 841 mm.

A2:  L2 =B1/2, B2= L1, so A2 = 420 mm x 594 mm.

A3: L3 = B2/2, B3 = L2, so A3= 297 mm x 420 mm.

A4: L4= B3/2, B4 = L3, so A4 = 210 mm x 297 mm.

Table:2. Designation of Drawing Sheet & its Name

S. No.DesignationSheet Name
1A0Anti Aquarium
2.A1Double Elephant
4.A3Half Imperial
5.A4Quarter Imperial

Area of Different Size of Drawing Sheet

Area of Biggest size of Drawing Sheet i.e. A0 = 1 m2

Table:3. Area of Different Size of Drawings.

1A01 m2
2.A11/2 m2
3.A21/4 m2
4.A31/8 m2
5.A41/16 m2

Drawing Board

  • It is a flat, rectangular surface used for sketching, architectural drawing, coloring, writing, etc.
  • Drawing Board is made of 4–6 stirps of Seasoned soft Wood. Types of seasoned wood are white pinewood, oak, Fur, Masonite, etc.
  • It is coated with melamine or other materials for smoothness and non-absorption which gives the ability to easily wipe a surface clean of materials.
  • It is Kept at is the 20-degree angle on Drawing Table.
  • At the Left edge of the drawing have a straight abony strip that is used as a working edge where T-square is fixed. The width of the Abony strip ranges from 4 mm – 5 mm.
  • In the Opposite face of the Drawing Board, Batten is used in order to prevent the wood from expansion or contraction I.e. Warping.

Table:3 Size of the Drawing Board As per BIS

S. No.DesignationDrawing Board Size (mm)Suitability for Drawing Paper
1Do1500 x 1000 x 25A0
2.D11000 x 700 x 25A1
3.D2700 x 500 x 15A2
4.D3500 x 350 x 15A3

Note: Length of Drawing Board range from 1500 mm -500 mm, Width of Drawing Board ranges from 1000 mm – 350 mm, and Thickness ranges from 25 mm – 15 mm.

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