Composite Pile I Types I Advantage And Disadvantage

What is Composite Pile?

Composite Pile: the Piles which is made up of more than one material such as concrete and steel, concrete and timber, etc. It was developed 60 years ago in order to provide an economical pile. It has one material in the bottom section and joined with another material in the top section.

Types of Composite Pile

Generally, there are two types of Composite piles are used i.e. Concrete timber Composite piles and Concrete and Steel Composite piles. 

Concrete Timber Composite Pile

In Timber & Concrete Composite Piles; the Timber section is generally suitable where there is no availability of water table and the concrete section is kept where there is a contact of water.

Concrete Steel Composite Pile

In Concrete steel composite piles, the lower section is made up of Steel section and the upper section is of concrete. The upper section of the pile may be cast in situ or precast. Cast in-situ of the Upper section is more preferable then precast because it provides distribution of load throughout the pile length.  

Concrete steel composite piles are used where the required length of the pile is more than that of the available cast-in-situ type. Composite piles are provided rarely because it is very difficult to give the proper joints between two or more materials. The details of joints may vary as per the design of the composite pile. These piles joints should be good in resistance against buckling. It can take a maximum load of up to 1471 KN.

The suitability of the Material of composite piles is based on the site conditions. This type of piles is suitable for the length in the range of 18 m to 38 m. Composite piles are also fabricated with precast concrete. It is suitable where the top layer of the soil is in an unstable condition.

Advantage of Composite Piles

The main advantage of composite piles are listed below

  • Comparatively low cost for long pile length.
  • It decreases the cost of excavation.
  • It saves the time.

Disadvantage of Composite Piles

The main advantage of composite piles are listed below

  • It is very difficult to provide joint between two different materials.
  • Superior quality of supervision is required.

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