Checklist of Slab and Beam Formwork Before Casting of SLab

Formwork is a temporary structure that is used to shape and support the concrete to achieve sufficient strength. Wooden, steel, Plastics, aluminum formworks are the most common formwork material. In this article, I have explained a checklist that is generally done by the civil site engineer on construction for beam and slab formwork.

Checklist of Slab and Beam Formwork

General Checklist of formwork

  • Formwork plates shall be uniform in the surface. Uneven surface in the shuttering board shall not be allowed.
  • Wooden shuttering shall be properly cleaned and free form concrete particles if it is  used formwork
  • The shuttering plate shall be rigid, firm, and durable so that it can carry movement load.

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Checklist of Slab Formwork

  • The size of the formwork of each slab panel must be checked as per Approved drawings.
  • Check the Slope and level of formwork of each slab panel.
  • Shuttering oil shall be used on shuttering plates in order to remove the formwork after concrete gets strength.
  • Check the diagonal of slab formworks.
  • Check that vertical formwork shall be used along all the edges of the slab, staircase void, internal voids, etc.
Checklist of Formwork
  • All the shuttering gaps shall be properly sealed or closed so that there is no flow of slurry through those gaps.
  • The entire gap shall be made leakage proof by masking tape.
  • Before concreting of the slab, shuttering gaps such as beam-slab junction, beam junction, columns, etc shall be supervised.
  • Mark the thickness level of the slab on each and every column.
  • Water tightness shall be done near column junctions.
  • The side plank of the slab along the periphery has to be supervised.
  • Slab shuttering board should be supported by Wooden batten also called Chavis at an interval of 2 feet.
  • Ensure the steel props shall be tightened properly.
  • Check the sizes of wooden props, plumb, and soundness.
  • Runner spacing for slab formwork shall not be more than 1 feet.
  • Butt spliced on wooden props shall not be allowed.
  • Check the nut-bolt/shuttering clip is properly tightened or not.

Checklist of beam Formwork

  • Line, Level of the bottom of the beam formwork has to be checked.
  • Vertical alignment or plumb, line of sides of beam formwork shall be properly checked.
  • Measure the length of beam formwork as per structural beam plan or Architectural drawings.
  • Check the width of the beam bottom plank as per drawings.
  • Joints of bottom beam formwork must have to checked.
  • Beam bottom Vertical props or plank should be straight.
  • Vertical proper should not overlap or jointed.
  • Placing of vertical props on bricks or blocks shall be avoided.
  • Vertical props subjected to inclined must be avoided.
  • M.S. props must be used when staging height is more than 12 feet.
  • The maximum horizontal distance between the two vertical props shall be 2 feet to 3 feet.
  • At the junction of beam and column, shuttering shall be in plumb and has no voids.
  • All the vertical props must have wedges and cross bracing. 

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