Base in Paint-Function of White Lead I Red Lead I Zinc White I Lithophone

Base in Paint: The base is one of the prime ingredients of Paints. It is the main body of the Paint because it makes the surface harder and more resistant to weathering action.

Different Types of Base Used in Paint

White Lead

  • It is only suitable for wooden surfaces.
  • White lead is in powder and stiff paste form.
  • It is not useful for iron surface because it does prevent from rusting.
  • White Lead forms the base of lead paints.
  • White lead is a carbonate of lead.
  • It is dense permanent and water proof.
  • It is used in ordinary building works and less expensive and easily available in the market

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Red Lead

  • It is suitable for providing the prime coat in wooden surfaces and painting iron surfaces.
  • Oxides of lead usually red in color and forms the base of lead paints.
  • It becomes solid when it is mixed with linseed oil.
  • Red lead is poisonous in nature.
  • Red lead is used as Base, Pigment and drier.

Zinc White

  • It is suitable for wooden surfaces.
  • Zinc white is an oxide of Zinc and forms the base of all Zinc Paints.
  • It provides smooth, transparent, and non-poisonous.
  • Expensive in Nature.
  • Less durable in nature.

Oxides of Iron

  • It is an oxide of iron and forms the base of all iron paints.
  • The pigment produced from hematite ore.
  • Less Expensive and durable in nature.
  • It is used as a prime coat of iron surfaces.
  • Mixes with the vehicle. The tint of paint varies from yellowish-brown to black.
  • Mostly used for the purpose to prevent rusting of iron surfaces.

Base in Paint: Lithophone

  • It is formed by mixing an equal amount of solution of Zinc sulphate and barium sulphate under controlled conditions.
  • It is used for interior work.
  • Its appearance is analogous to oxides of zinc.
  • Less expensive and not difficult to applied on the surfaces.
  • It changes its color whenever it exposed to daylight.
  • It is also used as cheap enamel.
  • Not Allowed to come in contact with liquid.

Aluminum Powder

  • It prevents cracking and warping of the wood.
  • It is used as a prime coat for the new wood surfaces.
  • This forms the bulk of aluminum paints.
  • The aluminum powder keeps the moisture content of wood surfaces practically the same.

Base in Paint: Titanium white

  • Used for receiving the coat of enamel.
  • Non-poisonous and imparts a thin transparent film.
  • It possesses intense opacity.

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